Cate Baio

Cate Baio is a Certified Professional coach registered with the International Coach Federation. She has hundreds of hours of experience supporting her clients to create powerful shifts in their lives by providing tools that help create more awareness and allow for them to take back control of their lives. She has a background in fitness education and leadership and became a Transformational Coach so she could support others in making even more profound life changes. When she's not doing this incredible work, she can be found walking amongst the trees, reading a good book or supporting her family.

1. What do you enjoy most about living healthy

What I love most about living healthy is the connection I feel to myself. When inthis state, I am most creative, inspired and motivated. I feel energetic and connected to something bigger than myself.

2. Why is health important to you

Health is important to me as it sustains and encourages my personal growth. Iam a mother of three and not only is my health essential to my ability to care formy children, but I also must live now how I want them to as grow up

3. What's your number #1 wellness tip

Do your best to tap into your intuition and your inner knowing. You alreadyknow what's best for you and what's standing in your way. Have courage andlisten to your heart. It'll save you time and money.

4. Why do you love being an Interior Wellness Ambassador

I love being an Interior Wellness Ambassador because I believe in spreadinginformation and knowledge is key to supporting health and wellness. The morepeople I can help the better!