Deanna Deacon


Deanna Deacon is an intuitive healer, Holistic Health Coach and Founder of the global movement; Soulful Sisterhood. She plays the role of connector between your mind, body & consciousness, shining light on self-created blockages & barriers causing feelings of unrest, de-motivation and unhappiness. Ignite your deep internal confidence by accessing your intuitive wisdom allowing your body to feel fully healthy, your mind happy and your soul expressed. Deanna is a a writer, fitness instructor, world traveller, body positive advocate and holistic lifestyle activist living and working from her beautiful 3 acres in 100 Mile House, BC.

1. What do you enjoy most about living healthy

Living healthy allows me to spend less time focusing on trying to feel good, and more time focusing on how to have a greater positive impact on human beings in this world. If I can fully take care of myself first, then I can guarantee I am equipped to support & heal others, which ultimately is my life's purpose.

2. Why is health important to you?

To me living healthy is living true to myself. I eat foods because they taste delicious & make my body feel amazing, I use natural products because my body loves them, I do activities because they fill me up. It's all about enjoyment and wellbeing in every aspect of my life...and I LOVE it! Even when going through a struggle or challenge, I know that it is perfect as it is, and it is true to who I am and what I need to learn.

3. What's your number #1 wellness tip?

My #1 Wellness Tip is to ask your body what it wants/needs/desires/feels/craves. Before I make food, I ask my body what it wants. Before I take any supplements, I ask my body want it wants. Before I commit to an event, I ask my body what it wants. By doing this, I continuously re-activate my pathways from body to mind...our bodies have much more ancient wisdom inside of them then our brains think we do...always ask your body what it needs!

4. Why do you love being an Interior Wellness Ambassador?

I LOVE being an Interior Wellness Ambassador because I know that I can full-heartedly support any and every article, magazine, event or experience that is put forward because we speak the same language. The ultimate goal in every aspect of Interior Wellness and my business is to allow others to heal, to grow and to live WELL! This is totally something I can stand behind!