Kathy Deane

Dr. Kathy Deane holds the title of Doctor and Associate Professor for the (WONM) World Organization of Natural Medicine, she is CEO of Nature’s Way Herbal Health Inc., is on the faculty of the (CCHM) Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, holds her (DNM) Doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a (RHT) Registered Herbal Therapist, (RHT)Registered Natural Therapist and (MH) Master Herbalist. Dr. Deane has written a 2 Year Herbal Consultant Program, is the author of of books including, Health BeyondDisease and the ABC Simplicity of Health. Dr. Deane empowers others to understand diseased conditions; injury, infection, inflammation, circulation and elimination and how to address them. She has over 35 years of knowledge which includes education on Super Food Therapeutic Nutritional Programs that address the ‘Root Causes’ of ‘Disease Conditions’. Her tip of the day is that, “The common denominator of all Chronic Disease” is Inflammation. Her motto is “Health is Wealth” and her goal is to be a part of ‘Transforming the Health of Nations’. One of her favorite programs that she teaches is www.TAFYH.ca as it reaches the lives of others worldwide. I love being a Wellness Ambassador as this wonderful magazine is touching the lives of many and educating on holistic health.

1. What do you enjoy most about living healthy

I am 68 years young and take NO drugs or antibiotics. I have a great heart rate, blood pressure and great health. I feel AWESOME and am told I LOOK Good.

2. Why is health important to you

Health is Wealth! It does not matter how much money you have, if you do not have health your money is worthless. My gook ‘Health Beyond Disease’ goes into depth on explaining this.

3. What's your number #1 wellness tip

Take my “Taking Action For Your Health Program.ca” It is a 2 month program,34 lessons ,15 min a day done via way of tele conference. I will educate you on my tips of why I am Healthy and how YOU can be healthy also.

4. Why do you love being an Interior Wellness Ambassador

Because their heart and desire is to keep folks updated on the many modalities of natural healing. AND we learn tips on how to incorporate health into our everyday lifestyle.