Wendy Marr

Wendy is a lover of life, seeking to infuse JOY & gratitude into every moment, a dedicated wife & mother of three sons. She delights in fortuitous moments of connection with her fellow human BEINGS and her life purpose is to spread love and peace through nurturing service & compassionate support. Wendy has been volunteering and working at Let’s Move Studio since 2011, is a huge supporter of the Kamloops holistic wellness community and as a Certified Passion Test® Facilitator loves sharing Discovery Sessions with anyone looking to find more clarity and joy in their lives.

1. What do you enjoy most about living healthy

Knowing that my physiology is nurtured and looking forward to my living my golden years with radiant health.

2. Why is health important to you

I am looking forward to living an active life at our new lakeside family home and years of new fun adventures with darling husband, sons & their families.

3. What's your number #1 wellness tip

Looking for the good/beauty in every person and every situation.

4. Why do you love being an Interior Wellness Ambassador

Sharing educational health & wellness information with my community and interacting with uplifting friends &mentors.