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Elizabeth Beeds, Creatrix of Interior Wellness

Elizabeth Beeds is a Health-Passionate Entrepreneur, Publisher of Interior Wellness Magazine, Founder and Director of the Interior Wellness Festival, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, World-Traveller, Health and Wellness Guide, Healer, Writer, Speaker and Visionary. Elizabeth LOVES connecting you with inspiring speakers, authors and professionals through interview series on her Youtube Channel as well as live and online events and festivals.

I am the Creator of Interior Wellness Magazine: A publication of vibrant health, yoga and spirituality; and Director of transformational events: Interior Wellness Festival and Mountain Spirit Festival.

I support people in their journeys to better health and spiritual connection through transformational events: both live and on-line. In my past experience, I have guided hundreds of people through life-changing wilderness adventures, soul-deepening yoga and meditation classes and body-supporting nutritional advice.

My deepest passion is for the awakening experienced in the shared adventure of festivals and conferences. I do my best to keep exploring, learning and living all of this in my personal life.

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