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     Do we need to preselect/register for which speaker or which yoga class we want to go to Saturday? Is the schedule of speakers available and type of yoga classes schedule available so we can plan our day?

    What is Mountain Spirit Festival?

   When is it?

   What is Sun Peaks?

   Has Mountain Spirit ever happened before?

   Where are the sessions being held?

   Do I have to purchase a ticket to attend Mountain Spirit Festival?

   How do I pre-register for sessions on Saturday?

   Are there speakers on Sunday?

   Do I have to attend the whole day Saturday?

   Can I attend just one session on Saturday?

   What are the SATURDAY SESSIONS?

   What are the SUNDAY ADVENTURES?

   How long are the SATURDAY SESSIONS?

   What happens is a SATURDAY SPEAKER SESSION?

   How do the Speaker session work? Can I see just one person?

   Can I just take the Yoga Sessions on Saturday?

   Can I stay in the Speaker Sessions all day

   Can I leave in the middle of a session

   What can I do for free at Mountain Spirit Festival?

   Do I have to be there the whole time?

   Are meals provided?

   Where do I eat?

   Should I bring my yoga mat?

   What else can I do up at Sun Peaks?

   I want to attend the Festival, can I bring someone to the resort who doesn't?

   Do I have to stay overnight?

   Do I book accommodations through you?

   Can I share accommodations or carpool?

   Do I need to register for the FREE YOGA SUNDAY classes?

   Do I need to register for the Sunday Market?

   Do I have to pay for Sunday?

   Where is Sun Peaks?

   How long is the Drive from Kamloops?

   Where do I park?

   I'm a business that would like to be involved, who do I talk to?

   Who puts on Mountain Spirit Festival?

   In a time slot do you get to attend all three speakers or do you just choose one?