Mountain Spirit Festival is philanthropic!

"Philanthropy means etymologically, the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing,

developing and enhancing what it means to be human"

At Interior Wellness we believe in uplifting our community. One of the ways we do this is by raising money through our events to donate to an awesome cause. Interior Wellness has already raised over $10,000 for local charity organizations over the years!

Mountain Spirit Festival is dedicated to an amazing organization called MAY CAUSE RADIANCE. It supports young adults affected by cancer and we are honoured to be involved. A portion of our proceeds from Mountain Spirit Festival will be donated to this awesome cause!Check out the details below about May Cause Radiance and know that your involvement in Mountain Spirit Festival has a ripple effect on the lives of people who you don't know but who are very grateful to you!

May Cause Radiance

May Cause Radiance is a nonprofit organization with roots in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, that aims to provide support to young adults affected by cancer. Our mission is to be a positive lighthouse within a difficult and sensitive time of your life, and to help you feel RADIANT!

May Cause Radiance was founded by Tessa Inkster after she shared her own dance with cancer in 2016, with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Upon successfully completing treatment (just as a unicorn would…), Tessa knew she had a new life assignment: to be the messenger. Tessa knew that she could not be the only young adult within her community affected by cancer and/or going through treatment, and was yearning to connect with other fellow survivors and thrivers. There was a gap in the health support community, and she intended on filling it!

May Cause Radiance is just that…An organized way of bringing this group of young adults together, increasing education and awareness of holistic wellbeing outside of conventional medicine, providing a “safe-place” for discussion to occur and providing experience-based guidance. We have also partnered with certified and trained professionals of various services and therapies of wellbeing, and are excited to be able to offer their services to our Radiants!

If you are a young adult who was been touched by cancer – whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or in remission (yay!) – and if you would like to connect to others within the community that may share a similar journey, please check us out! And please, don’t get stuck on the term “young adult” – no matter what your age, if this space sounds like a place for you, we are more than happy to have you!

Please get at us via the website contact form or connect with us of Facebook (@maycauseradiance). Also, stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest events, group activities and group discussion meetings.

Check out this great interview to learn more about Tessa and May Cause Radiance!