Elevate Your Self!

June 22-24, 2018 at Sun Peaks Resort

Be guided to your best self ever, uplift your life to new heights...
Join Interior Wellness at Sun Peaks Resort for a journey into self discovery. More details, schedules and ticket info coming soon!

Check out the guide, from last year: 2017 it's awesome.

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2017 Speakers (2018 info coming soon!)

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2017 Yoga (2018 info coming soon!)

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2017 Adventure (2018 info coming soon!)

Inspiring Speakers and Uplifting Yoga Teachers

Each Speaker Session consists of 3 amazing speakers together delivering their most potent wisdom to you in 21 minutes each! When you register, you don't need to pick one speaker - you see all three! So just pick the session.

There are 4 sessions in a day. The 3 speakers speak together!

Two magical days, One amazing place
Here's what we enjoyed in 2017...

Saturday Sessions

You will need to purchase a ticket which gives you full access to the SATURDAY SESSIONS

Hours: 9am - 6:00pm

Your choice...

12 inspirational speakers give their most potent, life-changing talks to elevate you! A full day with the speakers, book signings and autograph sessions plus exclusive exhibitors and time for breaks and lunch on your own. Your host, Elizabeth Beeds will guide you through the sessions with practices to deepen your experience.


Elevate your practice with our amazing teachers. Uplift yourself by trying something new. Beginners or experienced, all are welcome. Breathe fresh, mountain air and take time to rest.

You can go back and forth between speaker and yoga sessions.

(Once you buy your ticket you'll be able to pre-register to save your spot in the sessions you want to attend) - (Saturday Sessions)



Outdoor Yoga sessions held in the Village Walk at Clocktower Square. Bring your own mat! Every hour on the hour. Sunday, June 25 9am - 3pm

(Sunday Yoga)


Explore the outdoor Sunday morning market to find treats, treasures and healing services. Find the Interior Wellness Booth to connect with the speakers and experts and to receive healing sessions. ​


Afternoon Activities: Your choice of: chairlift + mountaintop yoga; or chairlift + mountaintop solo experience or bike ride + yoga!

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Your Elevation Awaits

Mountain Spirit Festival will change your life.

Elizabeth Beeds, Your Guide at Mountain Spirit Festival 

Elizabeth Beeds is a Health-Passionate Entrepreneur, Publisher of Interior Wellness Magazine, Founder and Director of the Interior Wellness Festival, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, World-Traveller, Health and Wellness Guide, Healer, Writer, Speaker and Visionary. Elizabeth LOVES connecting you with inspiring speakers, authors and professionals through interview series on her Youtube Channel as well as live and online events and festivals.

"I am the Creator of Interior Wellness Magazine: A publication of vibrant health, yoga and spirituality; and Director of transformational events: Interior Wellness Festival and Mountain Spirit Festival.

I support people in their journeys to better health and spiritual connection through transformational events: both live and on-line. In my past experience, I have guided hundreds of people through life-changing wilderness adventures, soul-deepening yoga and meditation classes and body-supporting nutritional advice.

My deepest passion is for the awakening experienced in the shared adventure of festivals and conferences. I do my best to keep exploring, learning and living all of this in my personal life."

Mountain Spirit Festival

Elevate Your Self!

"I look forward to meeting you there! Events like this are an incredible way to connect with the speakers and with others who are on the same path as you. An event like this can accelerate your self-development and personal empowerment to the equivalent of a year of work on your own!"
                                                                    ~ Elizabeth

June 22-24, 2018