Interior Wellness Festival

November 2019

~ Find Your Bliss ~

Welcome to the 10th annual Interior Wellness Festival.

An Impactful DOSE of transformational tools to improve your life so you can be healthier, happier and more whole!

Your choice of inspiring workshops in these categories: SPIRIT, NOURISH, WOMEN, STILLNESS, YOGA INSPIRE

3 days of connection and Inspiration for your body, mind and soul; it's the best of healthy living in BC Interior. 
We've gathered the most incredible teachers, inspiring leaders, visionary authors, and expert businesses to guide you in your journey to a better you. Fun, connection and inspiration.

• FREE marketplace admission - no ticket needed
• PAID workshop admission - buy your ticket in advance
• Healthy food and snacks, healing & wellness products and information.
• a Healing Garden to nurture and de-stress your body



It's the 10th annual Interior Wellness Festival and we are so excited to come together with you to celebrate and transform lives, hearts and souls! 


Pick the one that suits you best:

SPIRIT Spirit, Connection, Oneness, Angels, Guides, Psychics, Metaphysical, Intuition, Soul-Clarity, Spirituality, Channeling, SoulConnection...

NOURISH Food, Nutrition, Recipes, Healthy-Eating, Weight-Loss & Food, Supplements, Superfoods, Nutritional-Healing, Teas, Herbs, Athletic Nutrition, Specialty Diets (Gluten Free, Vegan, Sugar-Free etc) Holistic Nutrition, Herbal healing, essential oils.

WOMEN Women's health, Women's Issues, women's circles, Women’s Healing, Relationships, Emotions, Women’s nutrition, Women’s Spirituality...

STILLNESS Quiet room specifically for: Meditation, Relaxation, Silence. (anything else fits into the other rooms)

YOGA Yoga Asana - movement classes. Space for students to bring their own mats. No chairs and no props provided.

INSPIRE Personal growth, self realization, awareness, healing, inspiration

Connect and Thrive in the marketplace

3 days of connection and Inspiration for your body, mind and soul, It's a transformational weekend of wellness to FIND YOUR BLISS!​​​​​