Rest, relax, and heal with a treatment in the healing garden with one of our many practitioners.

 You will be cared for and supported, on your healing journey.

Choose from several different modalities to tune up your energy and live your life fully.

The Practitioners

Dr. Tamzin Morley, certified Naturopathic Dr. doing B12 injections to boost mood and energy, and Acupuncture to help those patients suffering from insomnia, pain, and stress. 
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Brittany Erdman doing Ignite Your Wellness Sessions- gain clarity about what is holding you back from achieving your goals with confidence and create space for that to change. 

Kendra Mulgrew

Kendra Mulgrew- Mind-Body-Spirit Counsellor and Body Work therapist. Offering a safe space of healing through use of words, listending, and light touch. 

Magnolia & Edmond are offering Biomagnetic Pair therapy- balancing PH in a client's body, and Hypnotherapy- treating conditions for which there is no pathology. 

Eric McCooeye

Spirit Cafe are offering spritual reading, healing prayer, a destiny word, breaking of curses, father's blessing, and prayer in spiritual language. 

Corey Erlandson, Breath Integration  Offering Holistic Breath Consultation and 15 min Breath session- receive a consultation around blocks and barriers too wholeness and deeper peace in your life.

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