At Interior Wellness our goal is to connect and inspire you to live your best, happiest and healthiest life.

We do this by providing you with tips and tools in:

• Healthy eating and nutrition

• Yoga and meditation

• Spirituality and self exploration

• Mindfulness and self awareness

• Fitness and movement

We give you all this information and education in unique ways:

• Print magazine distributed for free throughout British Columbia interior

• Online version of the magazine distributed worldwide for free

• Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and twitter

• Email newsletter

• Website platform bursting with info, resources, education and information

• Online events and conferences

• Live events: Mountain Spirit Festival and the Interior Wellness Festival

Interior Wellness is dedicated to uplifting and supporting community. We raise money and awareness for charities through our events and have raised and donated over $20,000 over the last 10 years!

We hope that by connecting with Interior Wellness you'll feel better and then you'll begin to feel great and soon you'll be affecting the health and happiness of those around you. And that makes our world a better place!